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Thessaloniki is the second largest Greek city, a beautiful city with a great history through the centuries.
During the Byzantine era Thessaloniki was a major center and its prime during that era is still visible through the city.
There are a lot of interesting places, in addition to the museums, sights and remarkable byzantine churches. A walk through Thessaloniki will fascinate you and you will have the chance to discover the hidden corners of the city.

Chalkidiki is a region of Macedonia and a peninsula of Central Macedonia in the Aegean Sea, which takes a big part of it, by shaping three smaller peninsulas, which give the region its distinguishing shape ("Chalkidiki's feet": Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos).







Meteora is a cluster of huge dark sandstone rocks, outside Kalambaka and near the first hills of Pindos and Chassia. The monasteries of Meteora, which are built on the top of some rocks, are nowadays the second most important monastic complex in Greece, after Mount Athos. From the total of thirty monasteries, that were historically known, now are open only seven, which are included since 1988 in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kastoria is a Greek city and the capital of the same prefecture. It is located at the western side of Western Macedonia. It is built on a peninsula of the lake with the same name, 703 m above the sea level, between the mountains Vitsi and Grammos. It is surrounded by its lake and is connected with the mainland through a wide strip of land made of fills, so that it looks like an island. It has an old history, one and a half millennium has passed from its founding and two millenniums from its habitation. Ιt experienced sieges and conquests by Bulgarians, Normans and Turks, but it still maintains a significant number of byzantine churches, artefacts and mansions, as evidence of its occasional prime and because of its successful marketing and distribution of fur to important european centers.







Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, worldwide known especially for its mythological background, as its top (Mytikas – 2.918 m) was habitated by the Twelve Olympian Gods, according to the religion of the ancient Greeks. It is also the second highest mountain of Balkans and of whole Europe from Alps to Caucasus. This solid mountain stands over the border between Makedonia and Thessaly, with a number of high tops with deep ravines, around which there is an area of exceptional biodiversity. To protect this unique heritage, they declared it from 1938 as the first National Park of Greece.

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