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The enormous cliffs of Meteora rise over Kalambaka, between mountains Koziakas and Antichasia. This natural masterpiece reveals all its glory for centuries, as it constitutes a geological phenomenon of unique beauty and an important monument of Orthodoxy. Meteora, which are considered the second Mount Athos, carry on the monastic tradition for nearly six centuries.

Monasteries that you can visit
There are six monasteries, that you can visit. More specifically:
- Agios Nikolaos of Asmenos male monastery or Anapafsas monastery
- Rousanoui Arsanis monastery
- Metamorfosi tou Sotiros male monastery, also known as "Megalo Meteoro", on the top of the highest mountain
- Agioi Pantes monastery or Varlaam monastery
- Agia Triada monastery (Meteora)
- Agios Stefanos female monastery (Meteora)

For sports lovers:
Canoeing -Kayaking - Rafting
From the region Tria Potamia up to the bridge of Alexios in Agia Paraskevi, Acheloos offers a lot of opportunities for the above mentioned sports, especially when the river's flow is really intense. In the region Tria Potamia there is a center for the organization and safe descent off the river. You can find accomodation in the nearby village Krania, Kalliroi and Polythea.
Mountain biking
Perouliotika Libadia is the perfect place for this sport. A great number of forest paths can lead you to beautiful locations. You can find accomodation in the nearby villages Pertouli, Elati, Neraidochori, Vrondero and Kalogiri.
Rock Climbing
Within 10 minutes from the center of Elati and the hills of Koziakas there is the rock climbing path of Kokkinos Vrachos. It is a limestone of almost 60 m. with six routes of varying difficulty. You can find accomodation in the nearby villages Elati, Pertouli, Kalogiri and Vrondero.
Horseriding for tourists
You will ride proud "Kelites" horses in order to experience the beauty of the region, accompanied by experienced guides.You can find accomodation in the nearby villages Pertouli, Elati, Neraidochori,Vrondero and Kalogiri.
Hiking – Climbing
The European route E4 passes through Koziakas. A significant network of paths (unmarked) lead to almost every top of the surrounding mountains.
- Pertouliotika Libadia - Αstrapi (top of Κoziakas): 2.146 m.
- Pyrra - Abgo: 2.146 m.
- Νeraidochori - Marosa: 2.020 m.
- Perouli - Νeraida: 2.065 m.
- Chaliki - Peristeri: 2.295 m.
- Kleino - Τringia: 2.204 m.
You can find accomodation in the nearby villages Pertouli, Elati, Neraidochori,Vrondero and Kalogiri.

Before you leave the city...
...don't forget to buy:
- feta cheese, yogurt, sour milk, butter, myzithra cheese
- traditional traxanas (a dried type of pasta) and easily boiled and delicious legames
- traditional pies
- honey by wildflowers from the mountains
- traditional desserts
- pressed wildflowers
- wooden carved handicrafts
- woven items with traditional patterns from the distant past
- herbs with a great scent

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